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Men's Services

Allure Salon is dedicated to making our salon welcoming for men as it is to women. We carry REDKEN and BED HEAD products that are made especially for men. REDKEN carries COLOR CAMO, a semi-permanent color for men. It's an easy 10 min process to quickly blend away the gray without leaving a mark of demarcation when the hair grows back. The color is semi-permanent so it washes out after 4-6 weeks. BED HEAD has recently come out with a new men's line of; shampoo, conditioner and styling products. We also offer facials, massages, foot and hand care to all our men clients. Below are the services we provide for men's grooming.

Hair/Skin/Nail Grooming

Men's regular trim $15.00
Men's Long hair/scissor cut $20.00
Men's color/cut $30.00
Military cut $10.00
Men's clipper/fade cut $17.00
Men's razor cut $18.00
One length Buzz cut $10.00
Beard Trim $5.00
Body Waxing Starts at $40
Facial $50.00
Massage $40-65
Foot care $30.00
Hand care $14.00
Men's Spa Services
Tigi For Men
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